The 2020-2021

Gulf Coast Watermelon Queen

Hannah Hughes

The Gulf Coast Watermelon Association is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the state’s watermelon industry throughout Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and across the United Sates. The GCWA represents every industry member, from production to consumption.


The Gulf Coast Watermelon Queen is an ambassador and public relations representative for the Gulf Coast Watermelon Association.  Her mission is to inform the general public on the health benefits of eating watermelon, educate consumers on food safety when handling and eating watermelon, increase consumption of watermelon, and highlight the economic benefits of supporting local farm agriculture.


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President - Terry Parrish

1st Vice President - Trey Smith

2nd Vice President - Allen Eubanks

Promotions Coordinator - Madison Johnson

Secretary/Treasurer - Marti Smith



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